Elizabeth Styring Nutt Collection

"Significance" or Flower Drawing with the Children (1921)
Republished and second edition of "Flower Drawing with the Children" (1916)., Elizabeth Styring Nutt
Flower Drawing with the Children (1916)
Lesson I: A Foreword; Lesson II: The Alphabet of Drawing; Lesson II: Why We Use Tinted Paper; Lesson IV: What is Implied by Flower Drawing; Lesson V: The Importance of the Lines of Shade; Lesson VI: The Drawing of the Tulip; Lesson VII: The Secret of Successful Drawing; Lesson VIII: Practical Politics: The Real University; Lesson IX: Practical Politics: Continued; Lesson X: The Memory Drawing; Lesson XI: The Meaning of Art and Representation of Movement; Lesson XII: How to Criticize; Lesson XIII: The Test of Knowledge; Lesson XIV: The Drawing of the Wild Rose; Lesson XV: The Drawing of Maguerite; Lesson XVI: Junctions; Lesson XVII: The Afterword., Elizabeth Styring Nutt
The Why in The Drawing Lesson (1929)
I. Suitable Materials, p. 7; II. "This is The House That Jack Built", p. 9; III. The Appearance of Things, p. 13; IV. Grouping, p.19; V. Colour, p. 25; VI. A Practical Lesson on the Teaching of Colour, p. 29; VII. "Complete Representation", p. 33; VIII. Lettering, p. 37; IX. Individuality Invioable, p. 40., These articles are based upon questions that have been asked by teachers of all parts of the Province of Nova Scotia, concerning the teaching of drawing. They were written, mimeographed and freely distributed to them six years ago, and because many requests for them have been recently received, and as supply is wholly exhausted, it has been deemed advisable to have them printed. Knowledge is power, and understanding is freedom., Elizabeth Styring Nutt
The World of Appearance: Part II (1935)
Chapter 1: The Representation of Solidity; Chapter 2: Light, Shade and Shadow Chapter 3: The Important of the Line of Shade Chapter 4: The Light and Dark Areas of Objects Chapter 5: A Practical Lesson Chapter 6: The Practical Lesson of Light and Dark Chapter 7: A Consideration of Individual Tones Chapter 8: Resume of Light and Dark Chapter 9: Surface Appearances Chapter 10: The Aesthetic or Art Value of Glazed Objects Chapter 11: A Caution Chapter 12: Dull or Lusterless Objects Chapter 13: A Practical Lesson on Dull Objects Chapter 14: Metal Objects Chapter 15: A Practical Lesson on the Appearance of Metal Objects Chapter 16: The Representation of Glass Objects Chapter 17: Characteristics of Glass Chapter 18: A Resume of our Past Work Chapter 19: Chapter 20:, Elizabeth Styring Nutt